History & the Poet 

History & the Poet (2017) is a series of essays on contemporary Australian poetry.  It asks and seeks to answer personal, philosophical and political questions that matter for poetry now. History & the Poet offers an entry point to a rich and complex world, and is a compelling vision of what poetry can become. It includes discussion of Robert’s own experiences and identity as part of a broader conversation about who we are and why poetry matters.

History & the Poet is published by Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Launch Speech, Victoria Laurie, Westerly Magazine.

Interview with Dennis HaskellPerth Writers Festival.  

Being JulajularaChris Arnold, Westerly Magazine

Making It Rain in Words, Alison Clifton, foam:e.

Review, Johanna Featherstone, Cordite Poetry Review.

Review, Barry Gillard, The Australian.



Concerning A Farm

Concerning A Farm (2017) is a book of place poems. Building from the carcasses of other poetries, Robert takes us to nature, small towns, suburbs, global cities and liminal spaces.  Taken together, it builds a midden from a beautiful and fractured world, combining the experimentalism of the unconventional with traditional lyrical flights of fancy.

Concerning A Farm is published by Flying Islands.



Land Mass

Land Mass (2016) is a hundred page poetic history of Australia. Grounded in natural reality, it plays with language to present an idea of dialectical movement on the continent. It references scientific, political, economic, cultural, and social discourses. Readers who enjoy difficulty will appreciate this book.

Land Mass is published by The S Press.

Review, Philip Hall, Plumwood Mountain.