Wood has written essays on poetry for major literary journals in Australia, the United States, the UK, Africa and India. These often address the public role of poetry in the culture at large.

Wood currently interviews writers for two journals - the Los Angeles Review of Books and Liminal. For LARB, he talks to leading Australian novelists about their recent work and helps them reach an international audience. For Liminal, he talks to Asian-Australians and discusses their artistic practice as part of wider cultural trends. 

Kim Scott, Kate Grenville, Michelle de Kretser, Gail Jones, Peter Carey

Eileen Chong, Omar Sakr, Eunice Andrada, Naomi Velaphi



Wood has an ongoing project of long conversational interviews with contemporary poets that examine issues such as influence, process and technique featuring readings of new and original work.

The first instalment of this conversation series took place at The School of Life, Melbourne. The second instalment is currently ongoing at The Centre for Stories, Perth. Each series can also be found archived at PennSound.

First series:
Bonny Cassidy, Luke Beesley, Jess Wilkinson, Matt Hall, Kent McCarter, Melinda Bufton and Autumn Royal

Second series
Sampurna Chattarji, Siobhan Hodge,  Jeremy Balius,  JP Quinton, Caitlin Maling, Lucy Dougan, Susan Bradley Smith and Amanda Joy


Wood has begun a project that re-presents Australian Aboriginal song poems that are currently housed in anthropological archives. This is about the recovery, repatriation and celebration of material that has not being considered aesthetically. It is a continental project that seeks to restore public material to communities that might find access difficult. The series can be found on Jacket2.


Wood has reviewed for a number of journals attending to social, historical and philosophical aspects of contemporary poetry. 


Wood holds degrees from University of Western Australia, Australian National University and University of Pennsylvania. Wood’s academic writing focuses on contemporary poetry and poetics. Influenced by readings of Hegel, Weber and Wittgenstein, he is interested in articulating a consciousness of language and lifestyle focused on suburbia.